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Broome Visitor CentreDep:  N/A    8:00pm  8:00pm
Roebuck Plains Roadhouse on request stop   N/A  8:25pm  8:25pm
Bidyadanga T/O on request stop   N/A  9:45pm  9:45pm
Sandfire Roadhouse   N/A11:30pm11:30pm
Pardoo Roadhouse on request stop   N/A    1:00am  1:00am
Port Hedland Visitor Centre   3.35am*  2:30am  2:30am
South Hedland changeover pointArr:  2:25am*  2:50am  2:50am
Dep:  3:10am*   3:20am  3:20am
South Hedland Shopping Centre   2:20am*  3.35 am  3:35am
Whim Creek T/O on request stop   4:55am  4.55 am  4:55am
Roebourne, (opposite The Vic Hotel)   5:40am  5:40am  5:40am
Karratha, Welcome RoadArr:  6.10am  6:10am  6:10am
Dep:  6:40am   6:40am  6:40am
Fortesque River Roadhouse on request stop   8:05am  8:05am  8:05am
Pannawonica T/O on request stop   8:25am  8:25am  8:25am
Onslow T/O (drop point for Onslow) 81 kms from Onslow/ on request stop / shuttle service required   9:10am  9:10am  9:10am
Nanutarra RoadhouseArr:  9:40am  9:40am  9:40am
Exmouth - Carpark next to Federation Park 
on request stop
Arr:  1:10pm  1:10pm  1:10pm
Dep:  1:40pm  1:40pm  1:40pm
Learmonth Airport on request stop   2:00pm  2:00pm  2:00pm
Coral Bay, Ningaloo Club on request stopArr:  3:10pm  3:10pm  3:10pm
Dep:  3:25pm  3:25pm  3:25pm
Minilya Roadhouse on request stop   4:25pm    4:25pm  4:25pm
Carnarvon Visitor CentreArr:  6:30pm  6:30pm  6:30pm
Dep:  7:00pm  7:00pm  7:00pm
Wooramel Roadhouse on request stop   8:10pm    8:10pm  8:10pm
Overlander Roadhouse (drop point for Monkey Mia / Denham) 129 kms from Denham/ shuttle service requiredArr:  9:00pm    9:00pm  9:00pm
Dep:  9:30pm  9:30pm  9:30pm
Billabong Roadhouse on request stop 10:00pm10:00pm10:00pm
Ajana T/O (drop point for Kalbarri)  66 kms from Kalbarri/ on request stop / Shuttle service required 11:25pm11:25pm11:25pm
Northampton Visitor Centre 11:59pm11:59pm11:59pm
440 Gull RoadhouseArr:12:25am12:25am12:25am
Geraldton Railway Station 12:55am12.55 am12:55am
Dongara Visitor Centre on request stop   1:45am    1:45am  1:45am
Leeman Roadhouse on request stop   3:05am  3:05am  3:05am
Greenhead General Store on request stop   3:20am  3:20am  3:20am
Jurien Bay Caltex RoadhouseArr:  3:35am  3:35am  3:35am
Dep:  3:45am  3:45am  3:45am
Cervantes Post Office on request stop   4:10am   4:10am  4:10am
Lancelin YHA, Hopkins Street on request stop   5:00am    5:00am  5:00am
Joondalup, Winton Rd Park Bay on request stop   6:00am  6:00am  6:00am
Perth, Beaufort Street Tourist Bus StopArr:  6:30am  6:30am  6:30am
Dep:  6:40am  6:40am  6:40am
Midland Train Station   7:10am  7:10am  7:10am


On request stop - please pre-book these stops to avoid disappointment
N/A - Not Applicable (this coach does not go to that departure point)
* The IC16 service is a circle route that was a continuation of the IC15 service. The times marked with the * are from the IC15 timetable.  Passengers can travel Perth to Karratha or Tom Price to Perth by staying on the same coach and going around the circle ie: view the IC16 southbound service as a continuation of the IC15 northbound service.

Timetable valid as at March 2019.

Reverse Journery
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Departs Thursday 
Port Hedland Visitor CentreDep: 9.00 am
South Hedland PUMA9.10 am
South Hedland Shopping Centre9.40 am
Auski RoadhouseArr: 12.15 pm
Dep: 1.10 pm
Hope Downs 1 Mine T/O on request stop2.10 pm
Newman Visitor CentreArr: 3.05 pm
Dep: 3.40 pm
Kumarina (Roadhouse)Arr: 5.20 pm
Dep: 6.15 pm
Plutonic Mine T/O6.50 pm
Karalaundi T/O8.20 pm
Meekatharra (BP Cnr Store)Arr: 9.00 pm 
Dep: 9.05 pm
Meekatharra Shell
(This is not a pick up point - break stop only)
Arr: 9:10 pm
Dep: 9.25 pm
Bluebird Mine T/O9.35 pm
Cue (Bell & Co.)10.35 pm
Mt. Magnet (Caltex)Arr: 11.25 pm
Continues Friday
Paynes Find (Roadhouse)1.05 am
Mount Gibson T/O2.00 am
Wubin (BP Roadhouse)Arr: 2.45 am
Dep: 3.00 am
Dalwallinu (Information bay) on request stop3.15 am
Miling (Newsagency)3.50 am
Walebing - Please call Integrity for information4.15 am
New Norcia (Gull Roadhouse)4:40 am
Perth, Beaufort St Tourist Bus Stop6.00 am
Midland Train StationArr: 6.30 am