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Midland Train Station   6:00pm  6:00pm  6:00pm
Perth Wellington Street   7:00pm  7:00pm  7:00pm
Joondalup, Winton Rd Park Bay on request stop   7:30pm  7:30pm  7:30pm
Lancelin YHA, Hopkins Street on request stop   9:00pm  9:00pm   9:00pm
Cervantes Post Office on request stop   9:50pm  9:50pm   9:50pm
Jurien Bay Caltex RoadhouseArr:10:10pm10:10pm10:10pm
Dep:10:40pm  10:40pm10:40pm
Greenhead General Store on request stop 10:55pm10:55pm10:55pm
Leeman Roadhouse on request stop 11:10pm   11:10pm 11:10pm


Dongara Visitor Centre on request stop 12:20am 12:20am12:20am
Geraldton Railway Station   1:20am  1:20am  1:20am
440 Puma RoadhouseArr:  1:30am  1:30am  1:30am
Dep:  2:00am  2:00am  2:00am
Northampton Visitor Centre   2:25am  2:25am  2:25am
Binnu General Store (Kalbarri turn-off)  78 kms from town/ on request stop / Shuttle service required   2:55am  2:55am  2:55am
Billabong Roadhouse on request stop   4:35am  4:35am  4:35am
Overlander Roadhouse (Monkey Mia turn-off) 129 kms from town/ shuttle service requiredArr:  4:55am  4:55am  4:55am
Dep:  5:10am  5:10am  5:10am
Wooramel Roadhouse on request stop   5:55am  5:55am  5:55am
Carnarvon Visitor CentreArr:  7:20am  7:20am  7:20am
Dep:  8:00am  8:00am  8:00am
Minilya Roadhouse on request stop   9:30am  9:30am  9:30am
Coral Bay, Ningaloo Club on request stopArr:10:30am 10:30am10:30am
Dep:11:00am 11:00am11:00am
Learmonth Airport on request stop 12:20pm 12:20pm12:20pm

Exmouth - Carpark next to Federation Park 
on request stop

Arr:12:45pm 12:45pm12:45pm
Dep:  1:15pm   1:15pm  1:15pm
Nanutarra RoadhouseArr:  4:25pm   4:25pm  4:25pm
Dep:  4:55pm   4:55pm  4:55pm
Onslow T/O on request stop (81 kms from Onslow)   N/A   5:25pm  5:25pm
Pannawonica T/O on request stop   N/A   6:10pm  6:10pm
Fortesque River Roadhouse on request stop   N/A   6:50pm  6:50pm
Parabardoo MilkbarArr:  7:55pm  N/A  N/A
 Dep:  8:25pm  N/A  N/A
Tom Price Tourist Park on request stop   9:20pm  N/A  N/A
Tom Price Visitor Park on request stopArr:  9:25pm  N/A  N/A
 Dep:  9:45pm  N/A  N/A
Karratha, Welcome RoadArr:  N/A  8:05pm  8:05pm
 Dep:  N/A  8:20pm  8:20pm
Roebourne, (opposite The Vic Hotel)   N/A  8:45pm  8:45pm
Whim Creek T/O on request stop   N/A  9:45pm    9:45pm
Karijini Drive & Great Northern Hwy (Tom Price turn off) 120km 10:55pm  N/A  N/A
Auski RoadhouseArr:11:15pm  N/A  N/A
 Dep:11:30pm  N/A  N/A
  Continues TUESDAY  
South Hedland PUMAArr:  2:20am10:55pm10:55pm
Dep:  3:00am11:25pm11:25pm
South Hedland Shopping Centre   3:05am11:30pm11:30pm
Port Hedland Visitor Centre   3:35am*11:50pm11:50pm
   Continues THURSDAYContinues
Pardoo Roadhouse on request stop   N/A  1:25am  1:25am
Sandfire RoadhouseArr:  N/A  2:50am  2:50am
Dep:  N/A  2:55am  2:55am
Bidyadanga T/O on request stop   N/A  4:10am  4:10am
Roebuck Plains Roadhouse on request stop (Greyhound connection)   N/A  5:35am  5:35am
Broome Visitor CentreArr:   6:10am  6:10am

On request stop - please pre-book these stops to avoid disappointment
N/A - Not Applicable (this coach does not go to that departure point)
* The IC15 service is a circle route that continues on the IC16 southbound.  Passengers can travel Perth to Karratha or Tom Price to Perth by staying on the same coach and going around the circle ie: view the IC16 southbound service as a continuation of the IC15 northbound service.

Timetable valid as at March 2020.

Reverse Journery
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                                                                                         Departs Tuesday 
Perth Wellington Street10:30pm
Midland Train Station11:00pm
 Continues Wednesday
New Norcia (Information Bay)12:25am
Walebing (Roadhouse)12:50am
Miling (Newsagency)   1:10am
Dalwallinu (Information bay) on request stop   1:45am
Wubin (BP Roadhouse)Arr:   2:10am
Dep:  2:40am
Mount Gibson T/O  3:15am
Paynes Find (Roadhouse)4:15am
Mt. Magnet (Caltex)Arr: 5:45am
Cue (Bell & Co.)7:05am
Bluebird Mine T/O7:50am
Meekatharra (BP Corner Store)Arr: 8:20am
Karalundi T/O9:50am
Plutonic Mine T/O11:10am
Kumarina (Roadhouse)Arr: 11:50am
Newman Visitor CentreArr: 2:00pm
Hope Downs Mines 1 T/O on request stop3.50pm
Auski RoadhouseArr: 4:55pm
Dep: 5:25pm
South Hedland Shopping Centre8:05pm
South Hedland PUMA8:15pm
Port Hedland Visitor CentreArr: 8:30pm