Your journey from Perth to Shark Bay or BROOME TO SHARK BAY

Soak up this land of striking contrasts with Integrity’s relaxing Perth to *Shark Bay coach travel.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Integrity’s Perth to Shark Bay coach trips

The World Heritage listed Shark Bay is one of the most remarkable places on earth, with iconic visual contrasts and incredible marine experiences. Tick this stunning location off your to-do list, with Integrity’s Perth to *Shark Bay tours.

What to do in Shark Bay:

Set amongst a dramatic backdrop of stunning white beaches, crystal clear waters and rust-red sand dunes, you’re spoilt for things to see and do.

  • Water Activities
    The protected inner gulfs of Shark Bay, surrounded by limestone islands, rich red sand dunes, massive sea grass beds and wonderful wildlife, make for perfect kayaking.   The strong winds of Shark Bay make for excellent kiteboarding in popular sites like the Denham foreshoreLittle Lagoon and Monkey Mia.  If you like snorkelling and scuba diving amongst the sandy, seagrass seabeds there are some great opportunities to explore underwater shipwecks and isolated coral reefs. 
  • Stromatolites
    These living organisms are over 3.5m billion years old.  View them from the 200m boardwalk.
  • Shell Beach
    This is one of just two beaches worldwide where the beach comprises of millions of small white shells 7-10 metres deep.
  • Shark Bay Discovery Centre
    The centre is divided into 3 parts being, the "Living Place", the "Mapping Place" and the "Experiencing Place".  Each shows different aspects of the Shark Bay area and is well worth the small fee to have a look.   Every half an hour they also run a fee 15 min 3D film called "Fire on the Water" about the battle between the HMAS SYney II and the HSK Kormorn during WWII.
  • Visit Monkey Mia
Staying at Shark Bay:

Your Perth to *Shark Bay bus trip will be complete with accommodation from our friends at:

Shark Bay Tours:

Take home lasting memories of your Perth to *Shark Bay trip with one of these unforgettable Shark Bay tours.

  • Wula Guda Nyinda adventure tours
    Discover the fascinating secrets of Shark Bay and the deep spiritual connection the local Aboriginal people have with it.
  • Shark Bay Dive and Marine Safaris
    Choose one of a variety of cruises or 4WD tours to Dirk Hartog Island which is a haven for marine life.
  • Shark Bay Coastal Tours
    Check out the 3.5 billion year old stromatolites or walk on the amazing Shell Beach which has 7-10 metres of shells under your
Pick-up and drop off:

On your trip from Perth to *Shark Bay, we’ll drop you off at:

  • Overlander Roadhouse, located on the North West Coastal Highway.

Travel with Integrity to Overlander Roadhouse. Shuttle transport from and to Shark Bay can be pre-booked with Integrity Coach Lines online via our web site or by calling the office on 08 9274 7464.  Pre booking is essential.

Please note: Costs associated with using the shuttle service is additional to an Integrity Coach Lines Express ticket and it is the responsibility of the passenger to book and make payment prior to arriving at these locations. 

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