Travelling by bus from Perth to Jurien Bay

Integrity’s Perth to Jurien Bay coach trips will make your getaway as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Enjoy seamless transit with Integrity’s Perth to Jurien Bay bus serviceNorth of Perth along the Indian Ocean Drive lies Jurien Bay - one of WA’s most loved holiday hotspots.

What to do in Jurien Bay

With sparkling beaches and sunny skies, there’s so much to see and do in Jurien Bay.

  • Dive and snorkel at Jurien Bay’s Marine Park 
    Jurien Bay Marine Park’s  submerged reefs and shallow lagoons are home to an array of marine life, making it pure diving and snorkeling paradise!
  • Fishing on Jurien Bay Jetty
    Want to fish for your dinner? The Jurien bay jetty is renowned for great fishing, particularly tailor and squid.
  • Visit Lesueur National Park
    Like bushwalking? The 26,987 hectares of wildflowers speckled countryside at Lesueur NP is a nature-lover’s heaven!
  • Swim with sea lions
    Get up close and personal with these inquisitive, playful creatures! An experience of a lifetime!
  • Windsurfing and kite surfing
    Experience the excitement of surfing the pristine clear waters of Jurien Bay’s surrounding sandy white beaches.

Staying at Jurien Bay

If you’re travelling from Perth to Jurien Bay with Integrity, we recommend you stay at one of these great accommodation providers for the most relaxing, comfortable holiday:

Jurien Bay Tours

Make your trip from Perth to Jurien Bay unforgettable! There is a range of incredible Jurien Bay tours that will create memories to last a lifetime!

Pick-up and drop off

On your trip from Perth to Jurien Bay, we’ll drop you off at:

  • The Jurien Bay Caltex Station on Bashford Street

Meet back here for your comfortable ride home to Perth.

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