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Dalwallinu - a farming community

Dalwallinu is a sheep and wheat farming region located two and a half hours' north of Perth along the Great Northern Highway.

Dalwallinu is the first shire along the Wildflower Way, a route that stretches north to Geraldton and showcases beautiful wildflowers carpeting the countryside.

What to do in Dalwallinu

Dalwallinu is part of a world famous Western Australian tourist route through wildflower country.

  • See the Wildflowers

    Prime season for wildflowers is between July and October and each year thousands of wildflower enthusiasts and nature lovers make the journey to enjoy the rare and beautiful sight of flowers literally carpeting the countryside.

  • Dalwallinu Discovery CentreTake a look at the Dalwallinu Discovery Centre and learn about the rich history of the town.
  • Boundary Riders Water Hole

    Located 8.4kms along the Rabbit Proof Fence Road, a walk across the granite to the left for a short distance will bring you to the water hole which was put down when the No 2 Rabbit Proof Fence was constructed in 1904.  It stored water for the boundary rider who was responsible for looking after the Rabbit Proof Fence.

Staying at Dalwallinu:

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  • The info bay on Great Northern Highway

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