Newsletter April 2022 featuring Coral Bay & Exmouth

Newsletter April 2022 featuring Coral Bay & Exmouth


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G'day from WA.......

Who remembers The Flintstones car?  It ran on "feet power".  With rising fuel prices this is one way to make your next holiday cheaper! 

Just kidding, no need to despair, we have a better option! Catch the bus as it means you have “fixed price transport”.  You can budget your entire holiday, the transport, the shuttles, tours etc, no need to worry about the rising costs of fuel as you travel as you can have it all booked in prior.  There are so many wonderful destinations that our services go to such as Coral Bay, Exmouth and Broome to name just a few.  Having just holidayed in Coral Bay, I can tell you it is fantastic.

Later in the year, are are also looking at a couple of day trips, one to the Dowerin Field Day and another to the York Festival.  Again, if you are looking for fixed priced transport, this will be a great way to get there.  We will have more details for you on these events in our next newsletter.


Exmouth & Coral Bay

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Exmouth & Coral Bay

CORAL BAY & EXMOUTH are two of the wonderful destinations we visit.  The weather is wonderful all year round, though some tours reply on the migration patterns of the whale sharks.  So check what activities you'd like and then plan to suit the things you want to do.

In Coral Bay, the whole town is small enough to walk around.  Snorkelling is delightful in the bay or if that’s not your thing, take the glass bottom boat to see the coral and marine life.  Be even more adventurous and take a manta ray tour - this is awesome.

Exmouth is a larger town, and have a variety or tours on offer, check out the Yardi Creek tour or go on a once-in-a-lifetime Swim with the Whale Sharks adventure.  Alternatively, you may wish to take the bus to Turquoise Bay for the day where you can swim, snorkel or enjoy a picnic lunch.   

Exmouth and Coral Bay both have kayaks, either go on a tour (might even see a turtle) or hire for an hour or two. Just ask them how to get back in the kayak when in deep water, otherwise you may provide free entertainment for the people on the beach like I did!   If you'd like to read more about my trip click here.

Or have a look at our blog about Exmouth and Coral Bay that tells you about “things to do if you like to get wet” and “things to do if you like to stay dry”. 

Getting There

We travel Perth to Coral Bay and Exmouth three times a week and we travel from  Broome to Exmouth and Coral Bay twice a week.  Bookings can be made online or by calling the office.  Make sure you have your accommodation booked, as it’s a really popular destination, especially during school holidays!

Pricing and timetables can be found at

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