Escape the Heat with a Trip South

It’s no secret that the North West can be a pretty unforgiving place during the height of summer. Soaring temperatures, humid conditions and stormy, cyclone prone weather – it can all be a bit much to bear! Instead of shutting up the house and taking refuge beneath the air conditioner why not escape the heat by taking a trip south on one of our luxury coach tours? Not only will you be kept cool and comfortable in our fully air-conditioned vehicles but you’ll get to explore the many fantastic sights and experiences our great state has to offer, which has to be more entertaining than stewing in the heat back at home, right? There’s loads to see and do in the following remarkable locations:


Coral Bay


Home to the world heritage listed Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay is a destination chock full of water based activities tailor made for cooling off. Break up stretches of sunbathing on Paradise beach by snorkeling through the coral gardens with amazing marine wildlife like whale sharks and manta rays.


Monkey Mia


Get to know the Monkey Mia locals (and by that we mean the group of bottlenose dolphins that come ashore every day) as you take a kayak or paddle boat across the stunning waters and soak up the amazing scenery.




For those looking for a bit of urban excitement, Perth offers a dazzling array of entertainment options with the added bonus of being right near the ocean. Spend the morning on one of the amazing beaches and then head into town to explore the huge range of funky new small bars and restaurants in cool locales like Fremantle and Northbridge.



Adventurous, outdoorsy types will find plenty to do in Kalbarri. From abseiling in the picturesque gorges to wandering through the tropical gardens and checking out the colourful parrots at the Rainbow Jungle, it’s a location brimming with fantastic natural beauty.


So as you can see, there’s plenty of things to do right on your doorstep that will allow you to escape the harsh heat and actually enjoy your summer rather than suffering through it. If you like the sound of one of our experienced, friendly drivers whisking you away in luxurious, air-conditioned comfort then get in touch with us today and make an easy booking online, visit one of our many ticketing agents or give us a call on 1800 226 339.