Bus from Perth to Onslow

A little bit of everything all rolled into one!


From Perth heading north to Onslow* or South from Broome, ride to the Onslow turnoff with us on our comfortable coaches, then carry on your journey and support local, by finishing your travel with the shuttle provider; Onslow bus and taxi service*.



With a lovely sunny environment, especially from the months of April to September, Onslow is perfect to for fishing, diving and snorkelling. There is also the rich history from pearl lugging to salt production and the natural elements of the beaches, sunrises and sunsets that make it a wonderful place to explore.


Things to do:

  • Staircase to the Moon: From March to October, Onslow is one of the few places on earth where you can witness the natural phenomenon known as the Staircase to the Moon.  If you time your visit to coincide with a full moon, make your way to the  best vantage point and view the marvel in all of its beauty. There have been some amazing photography incorporating the scene.
  • The old Onslow Ruins: These relic buildings including the old gaol, give insight into the town before the townsite was moved.  The Good Shed Museum is heritage listed and houses Onslow’s charming historical pieces.


  • Sunrise: With few places in Western Australia that offer a sunrise and sunset viewing, Onslow offers the exclusive sight of watching both sunrise and sunset. Ask the visitors centre for more information about where to best see both.
  • Walking and Heritage Trails: From the Heritage Trail to the Ian Blair Memorial Walkway, a really popular and natural walkway from Beadon Point Lookout to Sunset Beach. There are many attractions such as the termite Mound Viewing Area where you can look at these creative insect homes and wonder at how much work these busy little creatures must be to make such huge nests.



  • Beach activities: There are so many coastal areas suitable for fishing, snorkelling and diving. From Sunrise and Sunset Beach to Four Mile Creek, Ashburton River and Mackerel Islands.  All with their own individual experiences to offer. Ask at the visitors centre for more information on which location will best suit you….if not all of them!


Staying at Onslow:

Your stay at Onslow can be made all the more comfortable by staying at any of these highly regarded lodgings:


Pick up and drop off:

On your Perth or Broome to Onslow* bus trip, we will drop you off at the Onslow Turnoff.

* NOTE: Transport to and from Onslow turnoff to Onslow can be provided by Onslow Bus and Taxi. This service can be pre-booked by calling 0429 957 767. Costs associated with using the transfer service is additional to an Integrity Coach Lines ticket and it is the responsibility of the passenger to book and make payment to the shuttle service provider prior to arriving at these locations.