Where's my bus

We are trialling a system where passengers can check where their bus is.  Each bus has been fitted with a GPS tracking system which shows the location of the bus on a map, this service is provided by a thrid party and should be used as a guide.

Things to remember:


  • The system is dependant on satellite reception and this can be patchy in the North West of Australia. When you find your bus on the tracker, you may wish to click on the bus to check the time of last update and also see further details of it's location.  If last update isn't the current time then check again regularly until the satellites reconnect and give a current update.
  • Use the "zoom in" button to get a closer view of exactly where the bus is.  Click on the bus to see direction of travel, location etc.  Keep in mind that sometimes there will be more than one bus in the area, so care needs to be taken when looking at the information on the system.  
  • After clicking on the link below enter the user name and password.

Link to check

Image below is a sample only for illustration purposes and is not live.