Travelling with kids - What kid doesn't want to go for a bus ride?!!

Travelling with kids - What kid doesn't want to go for a bus ride?!!

Travelling with kids can be the most rewarding experience but also very painful at times! Taking your kids to explore the outdoors and new destinations is fantastic and generally an experience they will take with them into adulthood. There is so much to see and do between Perth and Broome, WA has some spectacular sights.


Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia

When travelling on the coach between Perth and Broome, you can expect to see the ever changing landscape along with many different wildlife from the comfort of the luxury coach seats. A bonus of travelling via coach instead of driving is that you can interact with your children during the journey, keeping them interested by playing games like 'I spy' and 'spotto' whilst not having to worry about the driving. The kids will love being able to point out an interesting piece of landscape or animals like emus, kangaroos and cows to you during the journey.

Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia

When they (and you!) need a little break from all the excitement, Integrity have movies playing or the kids can read a book or maybe even have a little device time. I have also found on long journeys with kids, a great way to try to stay sane is food and lots of it! Make sure you have plenty of snacks for the kids and your travel days will run so much smoother.


Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Another bonus of coach travel vs self-drive is no toilet stops as the coaches all have toilets onboard, now that’s definitely a win in my book! Along the way you will stop at many different roadhouses and again, so much to see! Each roadhouse is unique and the kids will enjoy being able to get up and burn off some energy before jumping back on the coach, you can even give them a little ‘mission’ whilst stopped eg, find a specific rock, flower or animal. Another great thing about travelling with Integrity Coach Lines is they include comfort stops every 3 – 4 hours so when the kids start to get a little fidgety it’s generally not far from the next break.


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So, if you’re thinking about getting out there and exploring but concerned about how coach travel with kids will be, don’t be, it’s all part of the adventure and they love it!


Photo Credit: Tegan Finnerty


Article courtesy of Tegan Finnerty

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