Integrity Coach lines Hop on Hop off Pass; A Great Travel Hack for Western Australia

Integrity Coach lines Hop on Hop off Pass; A Great Travel Hack for Western Australia

With Western Australia expanding a land mass around the size as half of Europe, it can be a daunting task to plan, save and actually explore the staggering coastline of  WA. Those with lighter pockets have devised a bible of travel hacks that range within a spectrum that separates the genius from the bizarre. However, now there are a band of travellers exploring the West Coast of Australia, indulging in the latest and potentially greatest travel hack of them all, the Integrity Coach lines Hop On Hop Off pass.

What defines a travel hack is the ability to create maximum reward for minimal time, effort and of course, pennies. So rather than wasting time you are spending it. After all, this is the reward all travellers seek.

Western Australia is full with opportunity waiting to be experienced. The majestic landscapes that surround the open roads rest ready to be gazed upon and yet, so many of us are still busy planning rather than doing. The Hop On Hop Off pass enables your freedom by doing the hard part for you.

The coach services run up and down the West Coast; in between Perth and Broome. You don’t have to do the driving, just the arriving. And once you are there, Integrity Coach Lines give you the freedom to stay for as long as you wish, until you are ready to hit the next spot.

You could be sandboarding at Lancelin today, and traveling to feed dolphins at Monkey Mia tomorrow. For the real travel hack enthusiasts; travelling at night even saves you from having to think about accommodation, just get your head down and wake up to your next adventure.

Save yourself the time and effort planning and simply hop aboard the Hop on Hop Off pass so you can finally see Western Australia, rather than thinking about it.

Article courtesy BBM Live Magazine

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