The Best Beaches in Western Australia

The Best Beaches in Western Australia

Lucky Bay
Of all the beaches in the Esperance area in south Western Australia, Lucky Bay comes narrowly on top. Blinding white sand, turquoise waters and excellent swimming conditions make it an absolute paradise. It’s so idyllic, kangaroos are even known to laze on the five kilometre stretch – so there’s plenty of room for you and them.
Shell Beach
Shell Beach is 120km long – but that’s not the greatest thing about it. As the name suggests, Shell Beach is made entirely out of billions of tiny shells. The stretch in the Shark Bay region of WA is one of only two like it in the world.
Cable Beach
From the tidal flats to the gorgeous blue waters and the burnt orange sunsets, Cable Beach is the piece de resistance of Broome, the outback town in the Kimberley region of north Western Australia. A deeply moving experience to be had on Cable Beach is a camel ride during sunset – a must do in the Kimberley.
Coral Bay
Nestled in the Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay is particularly special due to the wildlife activity throughout the year: Turtles in January and February, Whale Sharks from April – May, Humpback Whales between June and October, Reef Sharks in November and Manta Rays in December.
Busselton Beach
The beach in Busselton is famous in the state for two very different things. It is home to the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere at nearly 2km, and looks particularly striking during sunset. For a bird’s eye view of the beach, you can jump from a plan and skydive towards the earth, landing on the soft sands of the beach.

Article courtesy BBM Live Magazine

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