Day in the Life of a Driver - Episode 5: My job is like driving in a massive wildlife park

Day in the Life of a Driver - Episode 5: My job is like driving in a massive wildlife park

What an awesome job. A privilege to coach drive from Perth to Broome via the coast. The people we transport from regulars to back packers to locals.

The miles we cover, approximately 5500 kilometres there and back, and never tired of the sights.  The wildlife being massive eagles, or emus with their young or the constant sheep, goats, cows or kangaroos, it’s like driving in a massive wildlife park.


(Wedge Tailed Eagle.  Photo Credit Kelly Nowark)

The passengers are so good enduring the long drive with regular stops, just seem to take it with ease. The stories they share, the jokes the laughs and their life stores make this such a great enviable job to have.  Sharing the drive with a great co-driver makes this such a great safe way to travel and see all that WA has to offer.

Coach transport gets you to see in comfort, safety and on a timetable all the west has to offer, the flexibility of hopping on and off only testifies to how this is such a great way to get to the various spots at your time and with the many travel options and times just makes this a great way to travel.


As a coach driver with this company for over 2 years my only regret is I never found this earlier in my work life.  Guaranteed an awesome experience with comfort, safety and a lot of fun along the way.

Courtesy of Paul Lorkin

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