Karijini National Park - W.A's best kept secret

Karijini National Park - W.A's best kept secret

While the rest of Australia may quieten down as we say goodbye to summer, there’s one outstanding location that awakens to welcome you to its rocky surface and rich, red exterior. Karijini is the go-to for activity and adventure in Australia, but, as summers can be unbearably hot in the northwest, it’s only accessible between March and October.

During these months you can really appreciate the rugged beauty of the park, where the red dirt meets the bright blue sky, and the odd pool or gorge beckons you to have a relaxing soak. This is also a great place to appreciate Western Australia’s history and culture, with millions of years old rock formations, carvings and traditions of the local Banyjima Aboriginal people.

A tour through Karijini really takes you back to basics. With sturdy but comfortable walking shoes, a water bottle, a swag and not much else, you can sleep under the stars and take your morning shower in the natural water pools. The sights and views will also make you forget all about your favourite TV shows, with sweeping views of the outback from Oxers Lookout and Joffre Falls Lookout, beautiful waterfalls gushing down rocky chasms, and hundreds of species of bird, amphibians and reptiles to look out for – not to mention wallabies and dingoes.

Despite being one of Australia’s last true wildernesses, Karijini is remarkably easy to get to in the cooler months. You can catch a flight from Perth, heading to Newman, Port Hedland or Karratha, and drive from one to four hours the rest of the way.

If you’d rather be driven than drive, you can book a seat with Integrity Coach Lines and enjoy the freedom of hopping on and off as you make your way up the Western Australian coast. Dropping you off at Tom Price, Integrity passes you over to The Flying Sandgroper, who will take you on an unforgettable overnight tour of Karijini. Due to the extremely hot summers, this tour is only available in the cooler months between 25th March and 31st October, so now’s the perfect time to book.

With summer coming to an end, head north to this adventure paradise and experience Karijini and all that it holds.

Article courtesy BBM Live Magazine

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