June Newsletter Featurning Karratha, Dampier and Cossack

June Newsletter Featurning Karratha, Dampier and Cossack

There is nothing like a pandemic and isolation to make us realise how much we love to move around. Unless it was essential travel, we all did the right things by our fellow Aussies and stayed at home, social distanced, washed our hands and all of that other stuff, but we are legends and because we are legends, we are are in one of the safest places on the planet right now.  We are able to start moving out from under that pandemic cloud and travel to some of those places in our own back yard that we have missed so very much.  So make the most of it!  Let us take you to your favourite place along our route, or pick one that you have never been to before. Our destinations page is full of inspiration and our budget friendly Hop on Hop off Passes are great value when you want to take the opportunity to visit more than one place. 
Now... enough of the business stuff,  lets talk about some places....travel Perth to Karratha or Broome to Karratha if that suits.  Well, not just Karratha, but surrounding Dampier and Cossack too, they are incredible places to visit!

The old Cossack Court House

Karratha, Dampier and Cossack

What’s in a name?  The original inhabitants of the area the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi people, and the early settlers gave these places the interesting names that help make up the Pilbara region as we know it today:

KARRATHA - Aboriginal word, meaning "good country" or "soft earth".

DAMPIER - William Dampier, Buccaneer and explorer who travelled the North West Coast in 1699.

COSSACK - HMS Cossack which bought Governor Sir Fredrick Weld to the Tien Tsin Harbour in 1871.

PILBARA - Aboriginal word meaning "mullet" and was given to Pilbara Creek because of the fish found there.

Eastern Beach Kookjama at Cape Levique

Karratha is surrounded by so many natural wonders that are iconic to the area and a great place to base yourself and explore the beauty of the outback, from ancient Aboriginal rock art to picturesque beaches. If you enjoy water sports, boating, fishing, snorkeling, diving as well as bushwalking, then this place will be a dream come true.

Cossack is a landmark ghost town within the City of Karratha, situated on the waters of Butcher Inlet and place to some of the oldest buildings in WA! Take a look at the meticulously conserved remnants of this early settlement.  Step back in time and plunge yourself into the history of the early settlers who came to the Pilbara in search of fortune. Learn the rich history of the area walking along the Cossack Heritage Trail.

Red Dog Memorial in Dampier

Dampier is another magnificent location and very well known for the Red Dog Trail

The trail is 10km long and starts at the Red Dog Memorial Statue right at the entrance of town. At each point of interest a full colour informational sign will help you to discover not only Dampier’s story but of its most famous resident. The trail includes a gaming element bringing your experience to the next level! Visit sites in any order to complete the quest, just look up the answers online and use your answers to solve the puzzles.
Dampier promotes itself as the 'Gateway to the Dampier Archipelago' consisting of 42 uninhabited islands, rocks and unspoiled sandy beaches, excellent diving, fishing and snorkelling opportunities from offshore coral reefs.

Charter Services

Coach and Mini Bus Charter Services

Integrity Coach Lines provides first class coach charter services departing from Perth, that are safe and comfortable, wherever you and your group need to go.

We can be counted on to get you there and back for; 

  • Corporate Perth to Regional area Charters
  • School camps and regional travel departing Perth Metro Area
  • Perth Airport transfers
  • Private Charter from Perth to anywhere on Mainland Australia

We pride ourselves on being a reliable and competitively priced coach charter service provider.

Charter enquiries can be emailed to marketing@integritycoachlines.com.au

Want a free ride to your next holiday destination?

Pop on over to our website and enter into our competition to win a 3000km Hop on Hop off Pass valued at $395!!!!

Winner will be notified at the beginning of July.

With one month to go, you will have plenty of time to head over to our website and plan a fantastic itinerary.  Or if needed, we'd love to help!


Visit Integrity Coach Lines

Call us on 08 9274 7464 and we will be happy to give you our timetables or visit our website for all the information you need to plan your trip and make a booking. 

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