July Newsletter

July Newsletter


School holidays are again upon us! Travelling with kids is a daunting experience and one that we can, if planned right, look back on with a smile:)

Speaking of smiles, we had an excellent competition entry sent to us by a lovely family who travels with us often. It pretty much sums up how we parents sometimes feel about travelling, especially with kids, but they got it right, jumped on a coach and never looked back! We loved it, we know you'll love it too:

Our car was having problems, but got the call our Nan was sick and we had to get to Perth real quick.
The only option was to take the bus,this did not appeal to any of us.
We thought your bus would be a crap ride, and were dreading the trip right up till departure night.
Myself and my five kids boarded the coach, and were surprised and impressed by the drivers approach!
Friendly and easygoing, helpful and kind, within 5 minutes on Integrity we had changed our minds!
It turns out the bus trip was even better than driving, We couldn't believe it, even the kids weren't fighting!
There is room to spread out and nap along the way, And the trip is done at night so you never lose a whole day!
Since then we have travelled Integrity for lots of different trips, and we are forever recommending you because every time it's been a hit! 


Kalbarri is also AWESOME and is one of those destinations that has something for everyone. With over 200 species of birds including Sea and Wedge-Tailed Eagles, Black Swans also breed in the shallow pools. At the mouth the river there is a lovely playground on the foreshore and an ideal place to enjoy a peaceful holiday

Every morning the pelicans are fed by volunteers at the foreshore, keep your eyes peeled as you may get to see some dolphins, who also love the area.


Kalbarri is a firm favourite holiday destination.  Not only does it have beautiful beaches, but stunning rock gorges and cliffs forged from where the Murchison River runs through to meet the Indian Ocean.

Kalbarri visitors enjoy a warm climate with cool afternoon sea breezes.  During summer, the southerly wind reaches Kalbarri mid to late morning so hit the beach early! In the winter months, the beach is just gorgeous most days and perfect for fishing. The jetties on the foreshore are popular spots for Cod, Bream and Mulloway. Whiting can be caught from the sand spit in front of the Sea Search & Rescue building whilst Red Bluff Beach and Wittecarra offer Tailor and Mulloway.

Kalbarri-Fishing-Jetty-credit-ACC.jpgPlan your days well, especially when hiking and visiting the national park as summer maximums can reach as high as 45 degrees (even more in the gorges). Be prepared with plenty of sunscreen, water and sun protecting clothing. Keep sun exposure to a minimum between 12pm and 3pm.

September to November has the Humpback whale season in full swing!  The town comes alive during September and October, then quiets down again during November for those travellers seeking a little more solitude from the crowds.


Blue Holes Beach which is protected by a large reef, keeps the water calm and is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Pink Lake or Hutt Lagoon, is located 65km south of Kalbarri. At times the waters are bright bubblegum pink, sometimes a gorgeous lilac, and occasionally even red. A very picturesque place and one of the few, where you can never take enough pictures! Head out before sunset and see the colours transform. It’s the extremely high level of salinity that gives the lagoon its colour palette, and its vibrancy changes not only with the seasons, but time of day. The best time to visit is on a clear day, around mid-morning or sunset. D’Guy Charters can assist with tours of the area and more!

Hutt-Lagoon-credit-Australias-Coral-Coast.jpegWhen staying in Kalbarri, we recommend the wonderful services of Kalbarri YHA. They have accommodation to suit all budgets, can assist with local information about the area, such as Natures Window and they also provide the shuttle service from Binnu General Store to Kalbarri.


Getting There

Purchase an express ticket or benefit from a Hop on Hop off Pass and make your way along the coast at your leisure. Departing at Binnu Generald Store, use the Kalbarri YHA Shuttle to take you to your accommodation in Kalbarri.  There is so much on offer like the magnificent ranges, gorges and ocean views.  Take it all in then move on either north or south, anywhere along our route between Perth and Broome.

Pricing and timetables can be found at www.integritycoachlines.com.au



To  Brandon Harris, our June winner of the 3000km Hop on Hop off Pass!!

See below for how you can be in with the chance to win your own 3000km Hop on Hop off Pass with Integrity Coach Lines.

Enter-and-Win.jpgWant a free ride to your next holiday destination?

Pop on over to our website and enter into our competition to win a 3000km Hop on Hop off Pass valued at $395!!!!

Winner will be notified at the beginning of September.

8ce3c6bb956d96ee07349c128cb3899c.jpgDOWERIN FIELD DAYS 28th August 2019

The Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days is an agricultural expo located in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia. The event has continually expanded over the past 54 years to become the largest and most successful event of its kind in the state. Integrity Coach Lines will provide coach transport from Burswood to the event and return on Wednesday 28th August.  Keep an eye on our events page for more information.  Be ready to get your ticket, they sell out fast!

Dowerin Field Days are also taking expressions of interest for a departure from New Norcia.  Contact Tiffany via email to register your interest at  catering@dowerinfielddays.com.au 


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