Best Guide For Things To Do In Kalbarri & Getting There 

Best Guide For Things To Do In Kalbarri & Getting There

Kalbarri Has Something to Suit Everyone! 

Kalbarri is geared towards tourism and fishing with several attractions around the town. Kalbarri is part of the traditional lands of the Nanda people and the town was named after an Aboriginal man from the tribe. It is also the name of an edible seed. Kalbarri is a fantastic place to visit with a range of things to see and do!


Now that all depends on what you like as there is a huge variety.  There’s nature, there’s walking trails, there's tours, take a look and work out what your preferecnes are:

  • Daily Pelican feeding – Every morning at 8.45am, volunteers will meet you on the Kalbarri foreshore opposite the Muchison Caravan Park to feed the pelicans.  A gold coin donation is appreciated to help cover the cost of fish. (Note: as this is run by volunteers, occasionally no one will be available, if this occurs please come back down the next day).Pelican standing on sand(Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia)

  • Kalbarri National Park - Includes the Z-Bend Lookout, Z-Bend River Trail, Four Ways Trail, Pot Alley, Hawk’s Head, Ross Graham Lookout and Natures Window.  Natures Window is one of the most photographed places in Kalbarri, with many a person sitting in the rock formation that makes the window.  The park is open between sunrise and sunset.  A new development is also coming, with a fabulous Skywalk at West Loop Lookout opening soon, this will enable visitors to walk out on the skywalk and look down into the gorge for fabulous views.  DGuy Charters have various tours available to take in these sites.three girls sitting on the rock formation(Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia)

  • Rainbow Jungle & Cinema Parrotiso – This colourful place has a bird jungle with the largest, parrot free flight aviary, in the country.  A maze which is a new attraction to the park and an outdoor cinema which has a snack bar and is fully licensed.  Do one or all three while there.Lady holding a white cockatoo(Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia)

  • Pink Lake – The pinkness of the lake captures visitors imagination.  The pinkness varies in different seasons and from different angles.  Choose to view the lake from the air with Kalbarri Scenic Flights or from the ground on the Early Settlers Tour with DGuy Charters.scenic view of pink lake(Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

  • Hutt River Province –  If you wish to step inside another country for a couple of hours, then a trip to the Principality of Hutt River is all that’s needed as this area is an Independent Sovereign State, having succeeded from Australia on the 21 April 1970.  It is approximately the size of Hong Kong. You can take your passport and obtain another stamp in it if you wish.  You can visit the Hutt River Province as part of the Early Settlers Tour with DGuy Charters. PLEASE NOTE: As of January 2020 the Hut River Province will no longer be accepting visitors until further notice.Statue of Prince Leonard at Principality of Hutt River(Photo Credit - Salina Choi)

  • Swimming – Kalbarri Beach is the main swimming beach for Kalbarri, it is also known as Chinaman’s Beach, an ideal swimming spot located just inside the river mouth.  The beach backs onto the town, so it’s only a short walk.scenic view of Kalbarri beach(Photo courtesy of Tourism WA)

  • Blue Holes – A wonderful location to snorkel in protected waters featuring rock pools that make a natural aquarium.  A pleasant walk or bike ride from the town centre.Kalbarri Blue Holes(Photo Courtesy of Tourism WA)

  • Kalbarri Entertainment Centre - Is often referred to as “The Pirate Park” or “Treasure Trove” by the locals.  The mini golf course is suitable for serious golfers as well as amateurs.  There are trampolines that are used by adults and kids alike but if the heat is getting a bit much for you, then enter the amusement arcade and enjoy the retro electronic amusement games.Kalbarri Entertainment Centre(Photo Credit - Cham Kariyawasam)

  • Murchison River – Check out the magnificent river and enjoy the sight and sounds of the Australian bush with Kalbarri Quad Bike Safaris.   If you’d prefer to be on the river, then Kalbarri Canoe Safaris and Kalbarri Adventure Tours offer views of the gorges through their kayaking and canoeing tours.  The tours include a bus ride up the Murchison River so you can paddle back.People canoeing at Muchison River(Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia)

  • Wagoe Beach – Travel along the pristine Wagoe Beach to areas that many don’t have the opportunity to see with Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tours.Quad bike ride at Wagoe Beach(Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia)

  • Abseiling down a stunning gorge with Kalbarri Abseil gives a totally different perspective of the gorges.Abseiling down the gorge(Photo Credit - Gloria Depaz)

  • There’s also fishing, viewing of marine wildlife, photographic tours and more, visit the Kalbarri Visitor Centre to work out what suits you.


Kalbarri YHA is an ideal option for the budget conscious backpacker, it is centrally located in town and close to the river and beach.  It has all the necessary activities plus you can hire a bike or book their shuttle service to the main road. 

If you’d prefer something a bit more upmarket, then you may like to consider the Kalbarri Beach Resort or contact the Kalbarri Visitor Centre for other options.


Kalbarri town and the rivermouth are all within walking distance of all accommodation in town.   Alternatively, you may like to hire a bike from the Kalbarri YHA.

To visit the Kalbarri National Park, the gorges, the Pink Lake, Hutt River Province or the Muchison River, then book one of the many tours available and make use of the knowledgeable tour operators to see the best the area has to offer.


Perth to Kalbarri

Integrity Coach Lines have a bus that travels from Perth to Binnu General Store.  Then catch the Kalbarri Shuttle Service operated by the Kalbarri YHA.  Book them in advance and they will meet the Integrity Coach so there’s no waiting time. From Perth there are 3 services a week leaving Perth on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Broome to Kalbarri map

Broome to Kalbarri

You can also travel with Integrity Coach Lines Broome to the Binnu General Store and again the Kalbarri Shuttle Service operated by the Kalbarri YHA will meet you at the coach if you have booked them in advance. 

From Broome there are coach services twice a week leaving on Thursday and Saturday evenings.  Once you get down to Hedland then there is also a third service to Binnu, you can get on in other towns such as Karratha, Exmouth, Coral Bay, Carnarvon or Overlander Roadhouse (if coming from Monkey Mia) to travel down to Binnu General Store for transfers to Kalbarri.

Broome Visitor Centre map

Kalbarri to Perth or Kalbarri to Broome

The Kalbarri Shuttle Bus service will collect passengers in Kalbarri and take them to Binnu General store where they can catch Integrity Coach Lines to either Perth (3 times a week) or Broome (2 times through to Broome or 3 times as far as Hedland). Integrity’s northbound and southbound bus services between Perth and Broome will make this a trip of a lifetime.

Kalbarri Shuttle Bus

The Kalbarri Shuttle Bus service can be booked by calling the Kalbarri YHA on 0899371430 or 0428351136 in Australia, they will meet all Integrity Coach Line services, so make your booking from Kalbarri to Binnu or Binnu to Kalbarri in advance so you don’t need to wait.   Alternatively contact them by email on

What to expect on an Integrity Coach Lines journey

1) Short comfort stops approximately every three hours.  This allows you to stretch your legs, use facilities at the roadhouses (there is also a toilet on the coach) and purchase food and drinks if you wish.  You may also wish to bring dry snacks or meals that do not have distinctive odours such as eggs and tuna.  And, of course, your water bottle is most welcome. 

2) Capture glimpses of various towns along the way if you are using an Express ticket (point to point ticket).   If you are using a Hop on Hop off pass then you may wish to stop and enjoy other towns for a couple of days rather than just pass through.  The choice is yours!

3) Friendly, Personal and Knowledgeable Drivers.   Drivers are knowledgeable on all locations and can provide tips and hints as needed.  Two professional drivers per trip ensures they are well rested to get you to your destination safely.   Best of all, they are a friendly crew that are very approachable.  

So, why not catch a bus from Perth to Kalbarri, or Broome to Kalbarri and check out the wonderful sites.  Call Integrity Coach Lines now on 08 92747464.

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