The Whalesharks Have Arrived

The Whalesharks Have Arrived

It’s that stunning time of year when the mammoth Whalesharks pass by Western Australia on their annual migration.
From April - July each year, the enormous fish visit the shores off of Exmouth along the Ningaloo Reef as they filter feed their way through the Indian Ocean.
The enormous fish can reach lengths of up to 40 feet, but due to their docile nature it is a must to see them during their annual visit. Afterall, there aren’t many shark species that you can get this close to without losing a limb! Despite their epic size, Whalesharks are extremely graceful as they coast along, feeding on plankton, krill and fish eggs as they filter through whatever floats their way. They are one of three breeds of filter feeding shark alongside only Basking Sharks and the Megamouth Shark.
If you’re thinking about travelling in Western Australia, then a great way to get to Exmouth or Coral Bay is on Integrity Coachlines. With their hop-on-hop-off pass you can affordably stop off on their bus at both of these locations - making it an affordable way to have your road trip in Western Australia without the hassle of driving yourself!
The Ningaloo Reef is easily accessible with a number of tours operating out of Coral Bay and Exmouth, with both snorkeling and diving tours available.
Now is the perfect time to escape to Exmouth and Coral Bay!

Article courtesy of BBM Live

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