Monkey Mia vs Karijini National Park

Monkey Mia vs Karijini National Park

With some of the most diverse landscape in the world, Western Australia combines the blue waters of an ocean with rugged, rocky terrain. Here, we take a look at two areas of this enormous state that couldn't look or feel more different to each other.

Monkey Mia

Wild dolphins, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, Monkey Mia is an attraction for visitors around the world. 320 days of sunshine, it is blessed with a Mediterranean atmosphere for a relaxing holiday, yet is on the very edge of the famous Australian outback. Not only are dolphin encounters here virtually guaranteed, these gentle creatures are also wild, visiting on their own accord in their natural habitat. In fact, dolphins come up to shore so regularly, that visitors can get the chance to pet and feed them. The dolphins are the pull here, but there are so many other reasons to visit this gorgeous coastline. Bathe on the beach and catch some rays, visit the floating black pearl farm, jump on a quad bike and explore Shark Bay, or discover what lies beneath the surface with a snorkel trip or glass bottom boat tour.

Karijini National Park

1000km northeast of Monkey Mia is Karijini National Park, which swaps the beaches and ocean for red dessert and sparkling rock pools. Best travelled by 4WD and on foot, the Karijini holds the most incredible rock formations, gorges and caves imaginable, some of which are lined with vegetation. Dusty walking trails lead to fabulous viewing points such as Oxer Lookout, so you can take in the desolate landscape before you. Rather than marine life, the inhabitants you can expect here are red kangaroos, rock wallabies, echidnas, dragons and dingoes. Any watering holes provide sweet escapes from the dry heat, but clean drinking water and trusty walking boots are recommended when hiking for long periods of time between the deep and craggy gorges, including Red Gorge, Weano Gorge and Hancock Gorge.

Two areas of one state providing very different experiences, but both equally outstanding and beautiful.

Article courtesy BBM Live Magazine

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