Getting around – Tour Events

Getting around – Tour Events

Lets face it, we all love getting out and about, especially to events that take us back to an era gone by in our lives.  Just like Paul Kelly, who is playing at the Leeuwin Estate on 9 March this year. For some of us, it brings us back to a time when life was free and easy and the hardest decision to make was what song to play next! For the most part, it’s the nostalgia and memories evoked that we love to reminisce with.

Sometimes public transport is included in the purchase of an event ticket, which is great.  I really don’t want to be driving, have the hassle of parking or even the added expense, but what do you do if the concert is waaaay out of the area you live in? Integrity Coach Lines offers tour bus bookings and even special event buses for those who are wanting to celebrate something special.


Tours Events

I found event tours are great for this very reason. Most times there is a package that includes the ticket, accommodation and transport to and from the event. It’s all-inclusive and all I have to do is pretty much turn up!

Integrity Coach Lines hold several tour events throughout the year. Leeuwin Estate, Dowerin Field Days and if all goes well for the WA teams, the AFL Grand Final. Integrity Coach Lines are proud to offer chartered bus services that suit all their guests’ requirements.  


One Step Payment & Suitable Accommodation

Cost wise, its effective. I personally prefer to know that with one payment, I’m good to go. Yes, I may have been able to get it a bit cheaper, but I am not on my laptop for days on end trudging through ticket providers, finding accommodation that is suitable, let alone available, and my friends and I have a designated driver, we don’t have to take it in turn to BE the designated driver. Plus, we all get to go in one vehicle with tailored event transport!

Ready to Book a Trip?

So, check out the event tours and transportation services that are available through Integrity Coach Lines!

Courtesy of Sharon Graham

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