The People We Meet

The People We Meet

Ra and I picked up Kayleigh and Aimee in Coral Bay and dropped them at the Binnu General Store to catch the shuttle onto Kalbarri.  Asking them how they enjoyed Coral Bay, they said it was their favourite place. They loved the close proximity of the coral, all of the facilities and they were sorry to leave!


While in Kalbarri, they intend to hire a car (editors note: Kalbarri YHA also hire bikes to get around!) so that they can make the most of their time there and see as much as possible in the time they had.

The girls are cousins from UK and have been holidaying around Australia for the past ten months but will soon be heading home.

Speaking to them, they said they are already planning their next adventure but for now will be heading home to winter with their lovely beach tans and wonderful memories.

It was so lovely to chat with these delightful, friendly girls and hear some of the experiences.  I am also glad to have been part of their journey.



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