Dowerin Field Day with Integrity Coach Lines

Dowerin Field Day with Integrity Coach Lines

Wow? What any awesome day. Thank you Dave for a great trip there and back. As you can guess it was all about farming. From Peewee bikes to the big  farming machinery to the Kenworth trucks and camping trailers.


There were heaps of food trucks and of course the Food Hall. From our humble hamburger to International foods, American Barbeque, German, Indian and Moroccan cuisine. We can’t forget the good old ice cream trucks and doughnuts. I had to try an ice cream in a doughnut. Yummy! Very messy but gave me a chance to sit and enjoy. Then there was The Lolly Bus, well, I just had to get some lollies to bring home. Total winner for me.


Inside the Pavillion there were a lot of stalls from High School enrolments to wine tasting, to Cancer Research, Nougart tasting, my favourite was the Passionfruit Nougat, Ronald McDonald House and of course nick nacks and clothing stalls.


Well, I found the animal rescue Redz Zoo tent. Definitely another favourite for me. As you walk in you find Red with a snake for you to hold. I’ve never held a snake but I’ll admit to really enjoying it, as you’ll see in the photo. You’ll come across Bob the Red Tailed Cockatoo and Bob the Tawny Mouth Frogmouth. I was lucky enough to see joeys being fed by the carers. While in there you’ll learn about the extinction of  your wildlife and plants, why and how  their habitats are being destroyed by climate change and pollution. You’ll also learn how we, as humans, can help to conserve our planet. This is something that is very important to me as I’m studying Wildlife Conservation and Management. Farmers are also helping with conservation of our wildlife as much as they can.


The people that in my photos gave me permission to have them in my photos. There is one of a young boy in a tractor, I asked his mother for permission and she was happy to oblige and he was only to happy to pose for me. If you take this trip with Integrity Coach Lines, please remember to wear very comfortable shoes as you will do a lot of walking. There were plenty of places to sit, but if you’re like me you’ll just want to keep looking.

I have decided to buy a Kenworth and a Muckabout camper trailer and travel around Australia. I’ll probably need 10 other jobs to afford it, but I’m always up for a challenge.



(Note from Integrity: - We send at least one coach to Dowerin Field Day each year. If you are interested in travelling from Burswood to Dowerin Field Day with us, you can find more information about this and other on out events page - )

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