Why would you want to travel by coach in Western Australia

Why would you want to travel by coach in Western Australia

Why would you want to travel by coach in Western Australia?


Well the simple answer is…. BECAUSE!


Because of the coastline – over 12000 km of it in fact.  WA has the most accessible pristine sandy white beaches, turquoise water and marine life right at your feet. Residents and tourists alike catch our bus and take to our shores for the experience of a beach made entirely of shells, water so clear that you can see the coral floor and marine life…sometimes for metres down.  Wild dolphins come to shore for a feed, whales migrate along the coast to frolic with us curious people and let’s not forget the most amazing sunsets you will ever see in your lifetime.  Visit destinations such as Lancelin, Jurien Bay, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay and Exmouth!



Because of the outback – nature and scenery that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Bizarre rock formations at the Pinnacles, termite mounds bigger than boulders, water filled gorges that are millions of years in the making and rocky mountain ranges that offer the most breathtaking views if you dare to climb them. The most distinct feature though, are the many red earthy hues found everywhere you look. A tranquil backdrop with a magical connection to the earth is felt, and an experience that many travel here just to experience.  Visit destinations such as Cervantes, Tom Price (Karijini) and Karratha!



Because of the native wildlife – such as Emu, Kangaroo, Echindna and the Australian Green Sea Turtle.  There are many more that are unique to Australia, but none that are as friendly as those you will come across when travelling from place to place on a coach. There will be plenty of photo opportunities too. If you are lucky enough, a selfie with one of these native animals is not out of the question! Visit destinations such as Geraldton, Kalbarri, Port Heldand and Broome!


Because – of the Australian way of life.  There is no other place where people are as relaxed as in WA. And why wouldn’t we be? We have a lot to offer; a rich history, beaches, national parks, healthy marine ecosystems, fantastic cuisine and the weather….well just look at the pictures to see why we would say that! It’s a wonderful lifestyle. We are warm, friendly and welcoming.


And lastly –

Because if you want to make the most of your time in WA, why fly over the top and miss the best bits? Take a bus ride and you will have the time in Western Australia to enchant yourself and experience everything we have on offer.  Live your dream and make travelling on a coach in Western Australia part of your journey.  We know you will love it!


Image credits: Ross Sims, Kate Sims, Jason Smith, Tourism Western Australia and Australia’s Coral Coast

Posted: 12/01/2022 1:04:22 PM by Sharon Graham | 0 comments

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