6 Top Tips to get the best bang for your accommodation buck

6 Top Tips to get the best bang for your accommodation buck


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Once you have decided to travel, set yourself a budget as it will relieve a lot of stress when going through the booking process. Allocate funds to accommodation based on the research of places that you are happy to stay in. Add a little buffer for any “just in case’ situations (don’t forget your travel insurance though). Once you have set a budget that you are comfortable with, the rest will follow easily. It is important to note that before confirming any travel plans, ensure that there is suitable accommodation available at the time you require it.  For example, Western Australia is experiencing a large intrastate tourist movement to many areas so you may need to be flexible with your dates.


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Budget is everything - when it comes to accommodation there are so many options available to us.  From backpacker dorms to hotel apartments, we can be spoilt for choice but you need to set a budget that is affordable to you. Pro tip:  It helps the budget immensely if you are sleeping while in transit overnight, so keep that in mind when booking transport options.

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Where you stay is just as important - if not even more so as to how you are going to get to your destination. For some a small budget means inexpensive accommodation, leaving more cash flow for experiences or to add another destination to explore.  For others, accommodation forms a significant part of the whole experience so where they lay their head and what is included in the price holds a larger portion of their outlay. From camp grounds, backpacker dorms to hotel apartments and plenty of options in between, there will be something available to suit everyone, even those who like to mix it up!

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Research is key - if you need more bang for your buck, then look for places that include breakfast. Even the occasional backpackers have communal kitchens and offer some basic food that is included in the price of a night’s stay. Some also have ‘pasta or pizza nights, bbq’s or bring and share meals which can cut costs quite a bit. At times, places have discount vouchers that can be used within their location or at local shops, cafés and restaurants. Some have shuttle services to and from local eateries, pubs and shopping hubs.  Pro tip: if you are not overly hungry for breakfast, grab a piece of fruit or make a quick sandwich from the buffet or included breakfast for lunch instead.


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Make use of the inclusions - like WIFI, laundry facilities and supplied linen and toiletries.  Be realistic about what you are walking into though, sometimes you will need to forego some creature comforts or even a certain amount of privacy when choosing specific types of places to stay. Check the inclusions carefully as you do not want a surprise payment due when you get there. Think of things like linen that is hired, not provided or WIFI that is supplied but only available for purchase. Pro tip: some cafes, visitors centres and the like offer free wifi for customers.


If your spending allows - you may have the benefit of more choice like hotel rooms, villas, short stays and B&B’s which have excellent amenities and can include breakfast, toiletries, tea and coffee stations and the use of gyms and laundry facilities. They also make great share facilities if you are travelling in a group. A night’s accommodation in a B&B or short stay with some great conveniences can be as cheap as a hostel when the cost is divided between everyone.

Keep in mind;

As a general rule, make sure that if you are looking at an unfamiliar currency, to look up the conversion and ensure you are happy with the overall cost.

And remember, your travel experience is your own, as is your budget. What makes someone else happy isn’t always what is right for you. Once you are settled on your accommodation budget and booked into places that you are happy with, let that help create an authentic journey that you will never want to forget.

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