The Turquoise Coast - Beach Activities and The Pinnacles

The Turquoise Coast - Beach Activities and The Pinnacles

The Turquoise Coast is a 57km length of Indian Ocean Drive on Western Australia’s coast.  It stretches from Ledge Point to Dongara/Port Denison with Lancelin, Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Green Head and Leeman in between.  The towns are lovely locations for outdoor activities as well as natural formations such as the Pinnacles to view on your journey.


When planning your trip consider the amount of time you have and what your interests are as this will affect the decision on which towns would be best for you to stop and visit.


Lancelin has large “white powdery” sand dunes which is ideal for sandboarding.  The local surf shop and the 7/11 both hire out sandboards, or take your own piece of cardboard and have a go!  Alternatively check out the dunes on a guided quad bike or buggy tour.

If you happen to be in Lancelin about February/March then check out the dates for the Lancelin Colour Blast event.  In 2021 this is being held on Saturday 27th February.


View of Lancelin from the Sand dunes. Photo Credit: Tegan Finnerty


The white sandy beaches of Cervantes are stunning and here, the waters do appear to be turquoise in colour. 

There are 23 pieces of art throughout Cervantes that can be seen on the art trail that meanders around the town.  An art trail map can be obtained from the visitor centre. 

Visit Lake Thetis and see the 3000 year old Thrombolites, the lake is a comfortable 2km walk from the Cervantes Lobster Lodge. Alternatively take the longer walk from Thirsty Point to Hansen Bay with a detour into Lake Thetis and back again.

The Pinnacles are in the Nambung National Park situated south of Cervantes.  Jurien Bay Adventure Tours can pick up from Jurien Bay or Cervantes.  This tour gives you the opportunity to walk about the limestone formations that make the Pinnacles, visit the Pinnacle Desert Discovery Centre as well as tour the Crayfish Factory.  

The Pinnacles – Photo Credit: Australia’s Coral Coast.     

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay Marine Park is another area where the water has the beautiful turquoise colour that this section of the coast is known for.   The Australian Sea Lions reside in this area and if you would like to see them, then you may wish to consider a Sea Lion Interaction Tour.  

Alternatively, you may like to walk (or jog?) or cycle the Turquoise Way Trail which is a 12km smooth bituminised track from the Jetty at Jurien Bay to Hill River, there’s several picnic tables along the way and it is well signed posted and has distance markers so you can measure your progress.  Very scenic!

Looking for something to do after dinner?  Check out the sunset on the beach and then wander into ‘Sea Spray Art by Kiera’, this is a different experience to a standard art gallery as it is a “Glow in the Dark” gallery.

If you have an adventurous spirit then you may wish to consider skydiving with Jurien Bay Sky Dive.  They have tandem jumps from 14000ft so some magnificent views to be had (if you’re willing to open your eyes!)  

Alternatively, bring some snorkel gear and check out The Jurien Bay Jetty and Snorkel Trail.  Next to the new jetty are the old jetty pylons, grab a buddy and hop in and have a look.

If you haven’t seen The Pinnacles and are not planning to go to Cervantes then book a tour with Jurien Bay Adventure tours as they pick up from both Jurien Bay and Cervantes.  More info about this tour is under the Cervantes heading.


Australian Sea Lion – Photo Credit: Australia’s Coral Coast.

Green Head

Green Head is known as the home to Dynamite Bay, which is number 19 in the Australia’s Top 101 Best Beaches for 2017.   The town of Green Head is a small, friendly coastal town which has a laidback and relaxed holiday atmosphere.

In town you can follow the “Three Bays Walkway” (which actually link up 5 bays in Green Head) and provides access to several look out points along the way.  In particular there is a good vantage point of Dynamite Bay for some lovely photos.  It’s approximately a 5km walk.


Green Head Dynamite Bay – Photo Credit: Shire of Coorow

Dongara/Port Denison

Dongara – Port Denison are twin towns at the end of the Turquoise Bay area.  They hold coastal village charm.  Fishing from one of the three jetties is a favourite past-time in the area with tailor, silver bream, whiting and mulloway being common varieties caught.  Local shops have fishing supplies if you wish to have a go.

Check out the view from Fisherman’s Lookout and then wander down to Ocean Drive and view the 15 silhouettes of ANZAC soldiers made of sheet metal, which commemorates the soldier’s contribution during WWI.

Dongara has many attractive historic buildings, the best way to see them is to complete the 4km Heritage Walk.  Start at the visitor centre where you can obtain the map.   The walk then covers 28 buildings, with information on the history and uses, including the Old Police station that was built in 1870.   

If you enjoy walking, then you may also wish to do some of the other trails that include the Irwin River and Coast.  Or perhaps you’d enjoy a shorter walk through the “Illegal Tender Rum Co” premises.  They offer wine tastings and have won 10 international awards!  They also have a restaurant that’s open for lunch.

Finally, if you are visiting the Dongara-Port Denison area you must take a photo of the “Big Lobster”, it’s the icon of the area!


The Rock Lobster Dongara


Our recommendations are for budget travellers so some of the destinations have a variety of room styles available, if you would prefer something more upmarket then we suggest a quick google search.  Lancelin and Cervantes both have backpacker’s accommodation.

LancelinYHA Lancelin Lodge

CervantesLobster Lodge

Jurien BayJurien Bay Tourist Park 

Green HeadGreen Head Caravan Park

Dongara/Port DenisonBreeze Inn



Lancelin – Walking is the mode of transport around Lancelin.

Cervantes –Walking is the mode of transport around Cervantes.

Jurien BayJurien Shuttle Maxi Taxi

Green Head –Walking is the mode of transport about Green Head.

Dongara/Port DenisonDongara Taxi Service



Express tickets can be purchased for those that wish to do point to point travel ie: direct from one destination to another and Hop on Hop off passes are ideal for travellers who wish to stop here as one of many destinations or for workers who wish to bus in and bus out between home and their workplace.

Perth to Dongara or Dongara heading north

Integrity Coach Lines have 3 services a week heading north so you can go from Perth to Dongara or once you’ve seen Dongara and Port Denison then you can keep travelling north if you wish.

Dongara to Perth or Broome to Dongara and northwest destinations to Dongara

Integrity Coach Lines have 3 services a week from Dongara to Perth, 2 services a week from Broome to Dongara and 3 services from several other northwest destinations to Dongara.

Pick Up and Set Down point in Dongara

Integrity Coach Lines pick up and set down at the Dongara Visitor Centre at 9 Waldeck Street, Dongara, Western Australia.


1) Short comfort stops approx. every three hours.  This allows you to stretch your legs, use facilities at the roadhouses (there is also a toilet on the coach if needed) and purchase food and drinks if you wish.   You may also bring dry snacks or meals that do not have distinctive odours such as eggs or tuna onto the coach.  And, of course, your water bottle is most welcome. 

2) Capture glimpses of various towns along the way if you are using an Express ticket (point to point ticket).   If you are using a Hop on Hop off pass then you may wish to stop and enjoy other towns along the way for a couple of days rather than just pass through.  The choice is yours!

3) Friendly, Personable and Knowledgeable Drivers.   Drivers are knowledgeable on all locations and can provide tips and hints as needed.  Two professional drivers per trip ensures they are well rested to get you to your destination safely.   Best of all, they are a friendly crew that are very approachable.  


So, why not catch a bus from Perth to one of the locations on the Turquoise Coast ie: Perth to Lancelin, Perth to Cervantes...  Or if you are up north then catch the coach down from Broome, Exmouth, Carnarvon etc and take a break at Dongara, Jurien Bay, Cervantes or Lancelin.  If you want to see the turquoise waters, visit with the sea lions and other marine life, join in on some walks, snorkelling or do a skydive head along the Turquoise Coast where you are spoilt for choice!

Choose the location/s that suits you!

Call Integrity Coach Lines now on 08 9274 7464

or visit us at

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