Flexible Travel with an Integrity Coach Lines Hop on Hop off Pass

Flexible Travel with an Integrity Coach Lines Hop on Hop off Pass

Being flexible while travelling doesn’t mean doing yoga in a moving vehicle.  While having the ability to do that would be envied by everybody over 40 and completely relatable for anyone who has ever tried to get a struggling toddler into a car seat, the real issue faced now is that at times travel plans have to change – sometimes whether we want them to or not.


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First things first though, nothing comes short of good travel insurance and we recommend taking it out for those unexpected, or not so unexpected times when things need to be altered and there may be an out of pocket expense. 

Being flexible is sometimes a two-way street and there are always two sides to every story.  In this scenario, there is the customer and the supplier.  The customer wants to be able to make needed changes without issue and usually understands that it is not just as simple as moving a date, for which the supplier is grateful. The supplier knows that sometimes things change but they also need to cover costs to stay afloat, such as the time taken for customer service, data entry and booking services as well as ensuring that by making a change no one else’ travel plan is affected. So, it is understandable that occasionally, there is a small change fee but at Integrity Coach Lines we do what we can, when we can so that both parties come out still smiling.


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We think that flexibility is definitely a necessity, especially at times like these and our Hop on Hop off Pass is perfect for that.

Integrity Coach Lines Hop on Hop off Passes are designed with flexibility in mind so not only are they valid for a full 12 months, but also;

  • 3 passes to choose from giving the ability to purchase a pass suited to your itinerary and timeframe
  • You can design your own itinerary using our 4 northbound services and/or our four southbound services. You can find sample itineraries on our website, or call us if you need assistance
  • Multiple departures to help plan your itinerary
  • Valid for travel in any direction, north or south using any of our timetables
  • Stop at any or all of the destinations along our routes within your KM limit
  • Purchase extra kilometres at a discounted rate to keep your adventure going
  • No date change or editing fee's
  • Personalised log in to our online Hop on Hop off portal to manage your own bookings at any time convenient to you
  • An educational website full of information for the independent traveller and assistance to create the perfect itinerary for you if needed

Here are a few reasons that we have learned along the way as to why flexibility is needed;

There are those unforeseen moments in time when things just go wrong. Like if loved ones need you, you have to return home unexpectedly, you are unable to leave home or there is a change to work commitments.

At times in Western Australia road and weather conditions can dampen the plans of anyone and everyone.  When nature decides to show us who is boss we may bear the brunt of cyclonic winds, torrential rain, hail and flooding.  One or more of these and in combination with road closures is enough to bring a state to a stop and travel to an end for the time being.

As we have come to know all too well, changes to state policies for entry in to WA, intrastate borders being closed for protection of regional communities, quarantine rules, lockdowns, shut downs and restrictions are all reasons that can wreak havoc on travel plans.

To push the point, there are frequent travellers for business, even regional workers who have a schedule change, backpackers who thought they’d stay for a week then decide on a month or those working their way along the coast who find the perfect job and opt to stay as long as they can before moving on.  How about those lucky few who can extend their stay just because they can?!

Anyhow, we know things can happen and sometimes without warning, so not only are our passes flexible, but so are our customer service team! No, we are not all trained to perform calisthenics but where possible we bend over backwards to ensure our customers are left with a feeling of assurance that their needs are met.


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Bear in mind too, if the most of your worries is having to change travel plans, then things are going to be ok!

That brings us to the importance of communication.  For us, its fundamental that we keep customers informed about anything that will affect their travel on our services.  Through experience, we found that the preferred method is an SMS as it is the most reliable way of getting a message to passengers, especially in regional areas.

A side note to our passengers is that any changes you would like to make is in place BEFORE the service you are booked onto is due to depart.  This can be done over the phone during our extended office hours, via email or by visiting one of the many agents along our routes.

As always, ensure to read our full travel Terms and Conditions so you know your rights and our expectations when travelling on our services.  We are completely transparent, so if you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them for you. If we do not know an answer straight away, we will find out and get back to you as soon as we can.

Times, they are ever changing, but what will not change is the dedication we have to provide a flexible, affordable and enjoyable travel experience on our coaches.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard!

Posted: 19/04/2021 4:21:07 PM by Sharon Graham | 0 comments

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