Meet Sharon - Integrity Office Staff

Meet Sharon - Integrity Office Staff

I like to consider myself a happy person, I have what some would call a “broad“ sense of humour.  But let’s face it, it takes too much time and effort to be grumpy all of the time and unhappy people are not nice to work with! During my interview, I did make mention of my “personality” and that I enjoy a good laugh and making the workplace somewhere I want to come back to everyday. I was met with raised eyebrows! Little did I know that each of my interviewers were internally doing a happy dance. The boss had met his match!

From day 1 I gave as good as I got, from jokes, gags and scares to deep and meaningful conversations.  Over the 7+ years I have been here, there have not been too many days where there are not smiles on everyone’s faces… well perhaps just once, when I was really feeling unwell and went out to see the boss.  He took one look at me and sent me straight home. He later told me I looked terrible, so bad in fact that he was thinking of taking a photo to place above his mantle as a warning to keep the kids away from the fire! Haha! Buts that’s ok, I am pretty sure there was a box of chocolates and a hot cuppa in the office when I got back.


I’m not usually a ‘selfie’ person for good reason. But hey…it’s only going on the internet, who is going to see it…

Seriously though, there are no office politics here, everyone can be themselves, and it’s so refreshing. I really like all of my work colleagues, they are wonderful, intelligent and caring people.

I am a bit of an office all-rounder and I love that! I’m always busy, which is good, because if I am not busy, I am most likely up to some mischief and NOBODY wants that….

There is a lot to learn coming in, from the custom software to the destinations between Perth and Broome, the north and south timetables, Hop on Hop off Pass information and charter and event information. But that’s just part of it.  My days consist of accounts administration, customer service and bookings for our scheduled services, charters and events, with some admin duties thrown in too.  I sometimes do after hours relief if needed.  Essentially, I am on the phone A LOT! Luckily, it’s a rare occasion that I don’t have something to say.  I have learned a lot and been given some great opportunity to improve myself and skill stack, for which I am grateful. 

Having the ability to send my boss on a charter with 48 kids full of excitement and coca cola is a bonus 😊.


I love all things travel (especially off season trips) One of the lovely photo I took while taking a quiet beach stoll

So, if you have called the office, emailed, sent an enquiry from our website or a message to social media, chances are I have helped you. I like to help people, it’s what I do and what I am good at. I am by no means perfect and I make my share of mistakes, but fess up and fix up is my motto. One thing that we all do here, is help each other and from a customer service perspective, go that little bit further to ensure that people are leaving us with all of the information they need, be it for an Express ticket or Hop on Hop off Pass, complete a booking for them or help to create an itinerary and some lifelong memories.

The majority of us who work at Integrity Coach Lines are long time employees. For a small company, we do big things! It is a great place to work and from this hard work, a strong work ethic and loyalty come hand in hand. The boss plying us with coffee and chocolate has nothing to do with it… to you soon!

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