7 Excellent Bus Routes in Western Australia

7 Excellent Bus Routes in Western Australia


Many Aussies travel by bus when in Europe, the UK, Asia or the US, but don’t always think about it for travelling within Australia. When travelling locally, Aussies like to fly and spend time in the one destination but miss many of the places and experiences available to them along the way.  Catching a bus can fix that!

A road trip doesn’t mean you have to do the driving.  If you travel by coach you can sit back, relax and be chauffeured to your destination by professional drivers who are used to driving to the conditions in the vast West Aussie state.  Plus, bus travel reduces the carbon footprint emissions per person, so it’s not only good for reducing your own stress levels but also the stress levels put on the environment.

Bus travel isn’t every day to every destination so a little planning is required, however this generally gives you time to spend a few days in a place before moving on, a wonderful way to experience what towns around the state have to see and do.

Here’s 7 excellent bus routes in Western Australia that you could consider when planning your holiday:

  1. Perth to Exmouth – This route travels along the coast heading north from Perth 3 times a week and is operated by Integrity Coach LinesExmouth is in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage and is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with the whale sharks.  A variety of activities are available from walks, snorkelling and boat tours.  The same service also goes to Coral Bay so you may choose to spend a few days at both.  Coral Bay is a lovely seaside town where everything is within walking distance, you can snorkel, take tours, see the coral, turtles, whale sharks or humpback whales depending up on the season.Exmouth Ningaloo
  2. East Perth to Esperance – This bus goes different routes on different days to Esperance giving you a choice of different landscape or to stop in different towns on the way down and back up eg: you may wish to see Wave Rock (Hyden) on your way down or choose to stop on your way back up.  This service is operated by Transwa.  Esperance is known for its beaches, national park and replica Stonehenge.Esperance
  3. Perth to Karijini National Park – This bus service goes to Tom Price once a week so plan carefully.  The service is operated by Integrity Coach Lines.  Karijini is known for its magnificent gorges and vast wilderness.  It’s the place to go for a unique experience. The Integrity Coach Lines service arrives in time to link with local tour operator The Flying Sandgroper who provide an amazing 2 day hoppa service through the Karijini National Park and drop you back to the Integrity Coach Lines service to continue your journey either through to Broome or back to Perth.Karijini
  4. East Perth to Albany – The bus goes daily and has different routes available.  This service is operated by Transwa.   Albany is a city that feels like a country town.  It is known for cooler weather and is best visited in summer when you can take in the views of the bay, visit the historic whaling station and take some time at the ANZAC Centre.Albany
  5. Perth to Monkey Mia – This route travels from Perth to the Overlander Roadhouse 3 times a week.  The service is run by Integrity Coach Lines.  The coach is met at the Overlander by a shuttle service from Monkey Mia, who then run visitors into the Denham and the Monkey Mia area.  Monkey Mia is situated in the Shark Bay World Heritage area.  Monkey Mia is famous for its wild dolphin experience where dolphins have been coming close to the shore for nearly 50 years.Monkey Mia Shark Bay
  6. Perth Elizabeth Quay to Busselton – This route travels 3 times a week and is operated by South West Coach Lines.   Busselton is known for its wooden jetty that is nearly 2km long and leads to an Underwater Observatory where vast varieties of sea-life can be viewed.   Busselton
  7. Perth to Broome – The longest route of them all and is operated by Integrity Coach Lines. You can travel the length of the route on an express ticket, or purchase a Hop on Hop off pass so you can break your journey up by stopping at some or all of the other destinations along the way.  The route travels from Perth through Lancelin, Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Dongara, Geraldton, Kalbarri (shuttle required), Monkey Mia (shuttle required), Coral Bay, Exmouth, Karratha, Hedland and into Broome.  On a Hop on Hop off pass you can even change services and head to Karijini National Park.Broome

Backpacking, solo or group travel, express or Hop on Hop Off passes, short trips or longs trips, there are so many great options available.

Coaches, rather than buses, are used for long bus trips and these have facilities designed for comfort such as reclining seats (like a plane has), TV’s, toilet facilities, separate luggage compartment, USB’s, air conditioning, reading lights etc.

These are just some of the excellent bus routes in Western Australia, why not add one or more bus trips to your itinerary. 

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