Meet Derwyn - A Reservations Officer at Integrity Coach Lines

Meet Derwyn - A Reservations Officer at Integrity Coach Lines

This is the perfect job for me, because I can work from home. A lot of jobs require a driver’s license. For medical reasons I’m not allowed to drive. So to be able to have a job I enjoy and work from home means I count myself very lucky indeed.

Training at Midvale office was really good and everyone was patient. Asking a lot questions was my specialty. There was so much to learn that it felt like forgetting things was my specialty too. My head was so full of information that I felt like it would explode!  I really tried to make a good impression that I could do the job to the best of my ability and I did, because I’ve been with Integrity Coach Lines for almost 6 years. Time flies when you’re having fun!


After my training I was able to start working at home. Wow! First shift on my own was daunting and my mind went blank, but then the phone rings and I got through without a hitch. I don’t know how I did it but I did. My biggest scare was trying to seat all of the passengers. Talk about panic. I did have to go back through my notes till I got the hang of it. Took me a while, but I got there and now it’s a breeze. Just when I had nailed everything, we had a total system upgrade which meant learning new programmes. Well that sent my brain into overload but I didn’t have to do seating. Bonus! There were so many changes that my poor brain went into total supernova overload.

If something out of the ordinary is going to happen, it will happen on my shift! I sometimes feel like it happens for a reason because I can be on holidays for two weeks with no issues and when I’m back…..something happens to keep me on my toes. If the phone is ringing hot and I see my boss’s number come up it usually means something is up. The internal office ladies say that it’s because the universe knows I’m capable of dealing with it! Also, I have a very patient, understanding supervisor who is always just a call away. I’m thankful every day that she is my supervisor. I’m human and things happen or sometimes I don’t always get things right, but there is always a solution.

I get calls from a diverse group people and I enjoy talking to them all often having a laugh with them. It’s the people that keep my job interesting.  Not only do I get calls to make bookings or advise fares and timetables, but sometimes it's just someone needing assistance on how to get to our departure point or that they are lost and need help. I do my upmost to help and sometimes that means going above and beyond, but it’s in my nature to be helpful. Making a difference to someone’s day is very important to me and if I’ve managed to help someone who is feeling a bit down, such as having to make travel plans because they have to get to a funeral, even though it has been tough for them, just knowing I’ve had a friendly chat and helped in a small way to make them feel better is very important to me.

I work with the best team at Integrity Coach Lines. I cannot speak highly enough of my team members. Thank you for having me on the team.


Courtesy of Derwyn Berwick

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