Travelling with Integrity Coach Lines from Perth to Broome

Travelling with Integrity Coach Lines from Perth to Broome

The wonderful bus drivers

Making the decision to travel by bus from Perth to Broome on my own was the best thing I ever did.  

I didn’t have to worry about kangaroos, falling asleep at the wheel, other crazy drivers or driving at night. That’s what the coach drivers are for. We had two drivers. They were very polite and helpful. Our coach wasn’t too full. There was a lot of thunder and lightning. One of the passengers was quite frightened and anxious. The second driver managed to calm the passenger down by talking to her. He stayed with her until she felt safe again. He then went to have his sleep till it was his turn to drive. The drivers kept to the speed limit without any hitches.

Driver Kim with Coach

How I spent the night

Lucky for me I had my pyjamas and slippers with me, so I was able to discreetly change into them, with my neck pillow and blanket to settle down for the night and watch a movie “Life of Pi”. I even had plenty of water and munchies in my little esky. I fell off to sleep half way through the movie.

The journey

Breakfast stop at Overlander Roadhouse. It was good to get off the coach and have a stretch. Had a nice hot breakfast and hot tea to warm up with. Chatted with other passengers who were feeling better with warm food and drinks. There were a couple of us that used the bathroom to freshen up, brush teeth, hair etc. Had a quick chat with our drivers before it was time to board for the next leg of our trip.

Our next stop was Carnarvon Visitor Centre around lunchtimish. I was still full from breakfast so I just walked around in Carnarvon. Walked to the end of the street to the beach. I just sat there letting the sea breeze blow some of my trip away. Only sat for about 10 mins. Then walked back to the Visitor Centre. Had a sticky beak around. It was much cooler inside. The staff looked very busy, mostly with phone calls as I was the only one in there. I found a book that I could read on the coach later.

Coral Bay Sunset

I didn’t read much as I fell asleep, until we reached the Ningaloo Club at Coral Bay. Well that’s a cute little place. I checked out the little nick knack shop. Very cute but didn’t by anything. The Coral Resort Bakery was oh so yum. Had a homemade pie and a fizzy drink. Went for a little walk and found the scuba diving shop where you can book tours etc. Will have to do that next time.

Next stop Ningaloo Visitor Centre at Exmouth. I didn’t really do much. Just went into the Visitor Centre and had a look around. Very nice in there. Off we go again.

Next stop Karratha. Yummy Maccas for a very late dinner. It was nice to just sit in there. It was very quiet. I expected to see more people, but nope. Enjoyed another hot tea before boarding. I was very excited that I couldn’t sleep.

Hello Broome, here I am!


(For more information on Derwyn’s trip, please see the article “Things I did and places I visited in Broome"

Courtesy of Derwyn Berwick

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