Things I did and places I visited in Broome

Things I did and places I visited in Broome


Hello Broome, here I am!

After a great bus trip from Perth to Broome (read about the coach trip with Integrity Coach Lines here) I set about exploring what Broome had to offer.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Was absolutely glorious. We learnt the oysters were bred for their pearls. I learnt that pearls are not flawless as I thought. That they have lumps and bumps which gives them their authenticity. We had lunch under the gazebo. Omg it was very hot. Went on the boat to see the oyster farm. Toured around Willie Creek when we were told there was a big crocodile there, I didn’t see him. Saw Sea Eagles, so majestic. I thought they were following us. The water was so beautiful you could almost see the bottom. When we got back we were shown around the pearl jewellery shop. There was a necklace there under lock and key. Apparently they were still collecting the pearls for it.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park.

Wow this place is amazing. I must be the only person that has fallen in love with crocodiles and alligators. I even got to hold a baby crocodile, he was very cute. But they were crying for their mum, so I was sure the mothers were watching us. Cute, but creepy. Being the sponge that I am, I learnt a lot. I learnt how to tell the difference a crocodile and an alligator. Alligators are friendlier and make great pets. Whereas crocodiles are more likely to eat you. There’s no such thing as a salty, as crocodiles don’t like salty water.  I wanted to bring a crocodile home, but they’re not allowed on the coach. Oh well. There wasn’t just crocodiles and alligators, but dingoes and owls. I must admit I really loved the crocodiles and alligators.

Broome Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

12 Mile Bird Park.

It was a very hot day. Walking around meeting all the different birds was very relaxing. I got a shock when one of the birds actually said hello. Ha-ha. All the different species and sounds was so beautiful that I forgot how hot it was. The park was still under renovation when I went there but I still enjoyed it.

12 Mile Bird Park

The Mango Place.

Loved it. Sitting under a big tree you wouldn’t think you were in 38 degree heat. It was so cool. I had a mango smoothie. Yum. It took me for ever to finish, but so worth it. Even the live in lizard made an appearance. Don’t blink, coz he disappears just as quickly. They are well known for their wood fired pizzas. I didn’t have one, but they sure smelled yum. There were a couple of families that were enjoying a pizza.

Broome Camel Safaris.

Omg, this was the best. I rode on Morchai the lead camel. Felt so free. I must admit I got a shock when we came across some nudists. I had to look twice, I thought my eyes were deceiving me Lol. Lucky for them, as it was so hot. I even saw the staircase to the sun. I wanted to bring a camel home as well, but of course they’re not allowed on the coach either. The staff were very friendly and explained how to get on and off a camel. I learnt to ride a camel before a horse.

Broome Camel Safaris

Zanders Cable Beach Restaurant.

They make the best Parmigiana, and I even had a smoothie that one of the staff made for me. The staff were very friendly and nice. They were willing to advise me on things to do and see in Broome. Thank you Zanders.

Broome Pearl Luggers.

Learning about the history of our Pearl Divers in the early 1800’s to 1900’s, was very memorable. This is a definite must do. At times I got emotional, especially when I learnt of their struggles compared to nowadays. Picture a man, about 4-5 foot, wearing scuba gear that weighed 200kgs. With knitted clothes underneath it all to keep warm. Attached to a rope being winched down to the bottom of the ocean. It wouldn’t be too good to give away too much information. Book a tour to the Broome Pearl Luggers and learn the history of our pearl divers.

Broome Pearl Luggers Museum

After a fabulous trip, it was time to head home.  Caught the bus from Broome to Perth, more information about Integrity Coach Lines services can be found here.


Courtesy of Derwyn Berwick

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