Travel Safely In WA

Travel Safely In WA

It may be wild with long distances of remote land, but there’s no reason you can’t travel Western Australia safely. Not only is it more accessible than ever, you can see it responsibly and with care. Just keep these few things in mind before you set off.
Sun Care
WA is all about the outdoors, but the heat of the sun can be punishing if you don’t protect yourself. Sunscreen is paramount and must be applied every few hours especially after swimming. Also, make sure you have clean drinking water to prevent dehydration.
Respect The Ocean
While the ocean offers plenty of fun, you have to remember the power of Mother Nature. Conditions of the water can vary and some beach spots less protected than others. Swimming should also be within the red and yellow lifesaving flags wherever possible.
Bush Fires
Every summer, bushfires threaten the people of WA and we all know prevention is better than cure. Before you travel the state, make sure you find out where has a fire restriction in place, and if you start a bonfire, put it out by drowning it in water and mixing the ashes with soil. Also, don’t leave any glass behind. Better yet – leave a space exactly how you found it.
Protect the Environment
WA has a landscape that is unique, special and a remarkable sight, so we want to preserve it as well as possible. Therefore, it’s important to travel with as little effect as possible. Be aware of your carbon footprint; don’t leave any rubbish and travel with sustainable, eco certified tour companies and operators.
Emergency Services
Should you be in an emergency, you’ll need the right numbers to call. For ambulance, police and fire emergency services, dial 000.

Article courtasy of BBM Magazine

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