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I've used Intergrity a few times now from Broome to Karatha. Just about to book for hubby n I again. Great ride Great service. 👍
Donnaive, June 2022

Roger was a delightfully pleasant and informative shuttle bus driver.
Alice, May 2022


As I work on a boat in Dampier it is a great convenience for me to have your service.
Jo-Lee, December 2021


I had a great trip.  Both your drivers were really careful drivers, and very attentive.  Really nice guys.  Hope I can use your service in the future!!  Excellent service.
Monique, September 2021


Dear Integrity Coaches.

We have completed our tour of Australia by Public Transport, and your service was most important to the trip. We enjoyed every leg of our journey.( Gearldton to Broome)  Your coaches were comfortable (even long haul) and the driving team on each  leg were courteous and helpful and above all, very safe. Please, if you can, let the teams know how much we enjoyed your/their service. Some of them will recall us as they had never heard of anybody doing what we did.

Luke and Marie Wensing - Canberra
Luke, July 2021


Adrian and I have been using Integrity coaches to travel from Broome to Perth, with stops at Exmouth and Shark Bay (via the Overlander shuttle)

We would like to thank you for excellent service, your drivers are very safe, friendly and caring and in our travels buses ran to time without fuss. This takes a lot of behind the scenes work, and we acknowledge the efforts of all your team, from Tegan who helped me over the phone when I was unsure how to book from NSW, to Pedro on the shuttle to Denham who entertained us there and back.

It is a loooong way from Broome to Perth and we found this a good way to travel without the hassles of self drive.

With thanks Isobel and Adrian
Isobel, June 2021


"Bus was running on time and the drivers were very friendly"
Leanne, December 2020


"Both drivers were friendly, bus was clean, great service all round. I will definately travel with Integrity Coach Lines again"

Stephen, November 2020


"Love travelling with you - keep keeping-on superb Integrity!
Wendy, November 2020


"Myself and my family travelled on the Sunday service North to Carnarvon. From speaking to Toni on the phone to change my departure stop to the awesome drivers Karen and John. 😁 Top quality service. We will definitely use this service again
Nicola, August 2020


"Very professional company. The drivers I had were especially friendly and happy which made my trip up north a lot more enjoyable! Aircon was icy cold even with 40+ degree days, and it was great to have USB ports there above each seat. Would recommend 10/10" - 
Jesse, March 2020


"My family and I really enjoyed our Integrity coach experience. Thank you!
Naomi, June 2020


After finding out we could not hire a car from Broome to Exmouth we had no choice but to book the eighteen hour journey by bus. Travelling with my elderly dad I was very concerned how this was going to go. To our surprise it was the best journey we had experience. Felt like we were on a luxury cruise liner, we could not have been happier. Staff were super friendly and went over and above to care for their passengers arranging taxi's and ensuring safe connections for travellers along the way. Highly recommend this bus trip I would not hesitate to book again.
Michelle, August 2019


BEST DRIVERS EVER!!!! Super Friendly and seating is Comfortable.... Lots of Leg Room and USB CHARGING POINTS!!!!!!!
Gary, July 2019


Always great catching the bus to & from work Billabong roadhouse to Perth & back. the staff always take care that we are comfortable enough to get some rest on the way back north, as we ussually jump off the bus & straight into work. thank you integrity. my fellow work mates agree.
Jasmine, July 2019


"Amazing opportunity, Integrity Coach Lines has always inspired to complete amazing journeys".
Devin, June 2019


"I love the professionalism of your drivers. I always travel alone and feel so safe. I have recommended your services to so many people!"

Amanda, May 2019


"I used this service twice and it was very good. Comfortable seat, friendly staff and always on time" 
Cam, March 2018

"Service is excellent. Drivers always very helpful"
Geoff, February 2018

"I was a bit apprehensive about the nine hour night trip from the Overlander Roadhouse to Perth and return but I was pleasantly surprised. The buses were on time and the drivers were very helpful and courteous. "
Sally, February 2018


"A really professional company. Everything was planned well, the bus was on time, smooth driving and nice drivers"
Guillaume, November 2017


“I travelled from Perth to Geraldon. I liked the attendance of the driver, they were very helpful." 
Marcelo, October 2017


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