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The best way to travel from Perth to Carnarvon


Discover Carnarvon - Western Australia’s food bowl

Nestled at the mouth of the Gascoyne River and famous for its banana plantations, this fascinating coastal town is yours to discover with Integrity’s Perth to Carnarvon bus trips.

What to do in Carnarvon

Known for its friendly community and laid-back atmosphere, Carnarvon makes the ideal base for exploring an array of attractions.

  • The Blowholes

Discover the natural phenomenon of powerful ocean swells forcing water through narrow holes in the rock - an awe-inspiring sight! 

  • Lighthouse keeper’s cottage museum

 Built in 1897 and used until the late 1970's, this local icon was opened as a museum in 1988 so the world can see and appreciate its heritage value.

  • The One Mile Jetty

 Located on the Carnarvon Heritage Precinct WA walk, this historic jetty is home to rivermouth views, mangroves, marine life and great fishing.

Discover the heritage, history, art and culture of the local people – a fascinating and
rewarding experience.


Staying at Carnarvon

Your Perth to Carnarvon bus trip is made complete with the most comfortable accommodation after your journey. We recommend you stay with our friends at:

Carnarvon Tours

Top your Perth to Carnarvon bus trip off with a fantastic Carnarvon tour and make your memories last a lifetime.

        Take a tour of this scenic, ancient and remote mountain range.

Pick-up and drop off

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